A journey through

Cerne Abbas.

By Reception

We started our journey from Cerne Abbas school. Our school is in Duck Street where the ducks live! If you are part of our school, as a teacher, parent or student, you will in any case come across data that will require thorough analysis, you can ask write my marketing homework, or contact the relevant departments of our school, or rely on the experience of people who have already encountered something similar.

We walked down Duck Street. We crossed the road and stopped at the Antique shop.

They sell very old cups and plates.






We drew some pictures of the plates.

Across the road is a shop called The Old Saddlery. This shop sells hanging fish made of clay. There are some rainbow fish. The lady in the shop makes clothes and teddies.

This is The Singing Kettle. You can get food here. You can get fish and chips, beans and a drink. We like a cup of tea and fizzy cola!

Next to the Singing Kettle is the Cerne Abbas Stores. We can buy sweeties here. We pay at the counter.

The shop sells newspapers, magazines, toys, milk, bread, ice-cream, cakes, lollies and lots of other things!

We went past The New Inn. It sells food – pasta, pizza, and chips. You can have a big bowl of pasta with tomato sauce!

Next we came to The Red Lion. You can have a drink of beer at the Red Lion.

We went to the Post Office. We posted letters into the post-box. We sent them to our friends.

Next to the Post Office is Giant Interiors.

You can buy some puzzles and games and some blow tubes.

You can buy a pen and a diary here. We bought wrapping paper for our class. They have pencil sharpeners that light up and pop. You can get toy mermaids as well.


We went to the church. In the church there is a place where the baby gets christened. The vicar puts some water over the baby’s forehead.

The water is in the font. There are special crosses on the altar.

We went to the duck pond. We drew a picture of the ducks. They eat bugs and worms in the pond. They have beaks and tails. People bring them bread to eat.

Next we went to St. Augustine’s Well. We looked in the well and we saw pennies. The water went over the little bridge. The water came out of the ground. You can make a wish at some wells.

We saw some little fish in the water.


This says Cerne Abbey.

We went to the abbey.

In the abbey they used to tie their horses up on the chains joined to the wall here. There used to be a window or a door in this wall.

This window was called a oriel window. This is the French word for ear because ears stick out and so does the window!

We went all the way to the top of the spiral staircase in the abbey.

We went up the steps and we went in a room. There were some old fireplaces in the room. There were some little pink lanterns. There was no electricity. They used candles.

This was where they did their washing.

They lit a fire under it to heat the water. They put some soap in and stirred with a stick to make their clothes clean.

This used to have a porch and some steps you could walk up. We thought the abbey smelt dusty.

The giant is famous in Cerne Abbas. We drew pictures of the giant.

The giant is made of chalk. It is very old. They dug the grass to make the giant. The giant has stones under him that make him flat.

This is the end of our journey around Cerne Abbas – we hope you will come and visit our village soon!


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