The Dasp children had an idea,

They were going to make a potion, with magical ingredients that would make the demented mummy babies turn into giggling, normal human children.

It was going to take them months and months to conjure  a difficult remedy like that, but they only had 80 days until the fleet would try and take over. They decided on a mixture of disgusting ingredients that they thought would make these terrifying creatures nicer. They put in sprouts, mashed sardines, fox’s bladder and toxic waste, each thickly covered in cow  dung.

The brave gang flew through the sky in their immense hot air balloon, dashing around the earth, dropping the potion onto the kids who had strangely grown taller. When they were floating over the seas of China , a rock came hurtling out of nowhere and crashed into  the balloons lining . The Dasp children hurtled down  through the sky. When  they landed with a thud, they stopped . And stared.  There in front of them was the one, the only


 But she just smiled and a ghastly wind blew her ancient coverings off to reveal a beautiful young woman her brunette hair cascading down to her waist , her deep red dress , elegantly  reaching the floor. Her crown gleamed like a star. And you wouldn’t have guessed she was ever a mummy.  

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