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About the Project


The Project involved 20 Year 4 children, grouped in 3s or 4s they were supported by a class teacher and ICT Co-ordinator . We had a half day visit to local area to collect information, 2x1 hour sessions using Mimio plus 4x1 hour sessions to complete task.


The aims were:

To develop non-fiction writing in line with National Literacy Strategy.

To develop ICT skills.

To use Mimio to improve teaching of ICT skills.

To link ICT with Year 4, Term 2, Literacy writing targets.


NLS Objectives:

To make short notes by abbreviating ideas and selecting key words.

To collect information from a variety of sources and present it in one simple format.

To fill out brief notes into connected prose.

ICT Objectives:

How to develop and refine ideas by bringing together, organising and reorganising text, tables, images and sound as appropriate.

We used:


Digital Camera

Computer suite

Microsoft word and Word Art

We wanted to use Mimio as a teaching tool on a regular basis

Next time, I would use larger groups to produce their own information books and I would use Microsoft Publisher rather than Microsoft Word.

Next year, I will take a whole day, rather than a half day, for the visit.