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A Parent's Guide to Maths

Have you ever wished that you understood modern maths methods better? Many parents find that their children are using methods or strategies, which are very different from those used in the past. This can often cause confusion when trying to support your child at home. This website has been prepared by First and Middle School teachers of the Dorchester Area Schools Partnership (DASP) as part of their strategy to help you with the methods your child will be using in school.

The main strategies used in each year group by the majority of pupils for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are shown. These methods are introduced throughout the teaching year so most pupils should be familiar with all methods by the end of the year. Each sheet also shows typical maths vocabulary that children will be acquiring and using at this stage.

This is a guide only, children will always progress at different speeds. However, support from you will undoubtedly be of great benefit to them at all times. If you have any questions, your child?s teacher will be pleased to discuss the strategies with you.