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School Contacts

Broadmayne C First
Knighton Lane, Broadmayne, Dorchester DT2 8PH.
Mrs A Clark
Tel: 01305 852471; Fax: 01305 852167

Cerne Abbas CE VC First
Cerne Abbas, Dorchester, DT2 7LA
Mrs J Riley
Tel: 01300 341319; Fax: 01300 341319

St Mary's CE VC First
Charminster, Dorchester, DT2 9RD
Mr I Donnelly
Tel: 01305 263880; Fax: 01305 251436
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Cheselbourne, Dorchester, DT2 7NT
Mrs J Johnson
Tel: 01258 837306; Fax: 01258 837306

Damers C First (and special unit for children with speech & language disorders)
Damers Road, Dorchester, DT1 2LB
Mrs J McLeod (acting headteacher)
Tel: 01305 264924; Fax: 01305 257213

Manor Park CE VC First
Melstock Avenue, Dorchester, DT1 2BH
Mr A P Higgens
Tel: 01305 268741; Fax: 01305 268407
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Milborne C First
Milborne St Andrew, Blandford, DT11 0JP
Mr T Leech
Tel: 01258 837362; Fax: 01258 837170

Owermoigne CE VC First
Owermoigne, Dorchester, DT2 8HT
Mrs H Boyce
Tel: 01305 852643; Fax: 01305 852643
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Piddle Valley CE VC First
Piddletrenthide, Dorchester, DT2 7QL
Mrs C Lumley
Tel: 01300 348291; Fax: 01300 348887

The Prince of Wales School (and special unit for physically disabled)
Maiden Castle Road, Dorchester, DT1 2HH
Mr P Farrington
Tel: 01305 257120; Fax: 01305 257121

Puddletown CE VC First
High Street, Puddletown, Dorchester, DT2 8RY
Miss L K Lutner
Tel: 01305 848206; Fax: 01305 848094
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St Mary's RC VA First
Barnes Way, Dorchester, DT1 2DD
Mr N Sproates
Tel: 01305 262258; Fax: 01305 257101
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Winterbourne Valley CE VA First
Winterbourne Abbas, Dorchester, DT2 9LW
Mrs M Oldham
Tel: 01305 889297; Fax: 01305 889297

Dorchester C Middle
Queens Avenue, Dorchester, DT1 2HS
Mr G Redley
Tel: 01305 265652; Fax: 01305 263549
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St Osmund's CE VA Middle
Rothesay Road, Dorchester, DT1 2DZ
Mr D R Davies
Tel: 01305 262897; Fax: 01305 251395
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St Mary's CE VSA Middle
Puddletown, Dorchester, DT2 8SA
Mr J F McCormack
Tel: 01305 848293; Fax: 01305 848801
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The Thomas Hardye VA School
Queens Avenue, Dorchester, DT1 2ET
Dr I E Melvin
Tel: 01305 266064; Fax: 01305 250510
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Penwithen School
Winterbourne Monkton, Dorchester, DT2 9PS
Mrs S Downes
Tel: 01305 266842; Fax: 01305 262083
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