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What's happening in DASP?

Send My Friend To School

School is a very important place for children's socialization, that is, we are talking not only about the possibility of learning, where https://advanced-writer.com/ will be useful, but also about the development of a project for the cohesion of children. ADASP project for the Summer Term 2015 was Send My Friend to School. This brings together thousands of children across the UK to speak up for the right to education, and remind world leaders of their promise that all children should get the chance to go to school.

Send My Friend to School is run by the UK coalition of the Global Campaign for Education. See more at the website:


In DASP we have created a box that all DASP schools will contribute to.This might be with letters, stories or models. As each school adds to the box,it will then be passed on to the next. When the box is full it will be delivered to our local MPs in Westminster.

Let the Student Voice of Thomas Hardye tell you more about it.

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We will be reporting on each school handover at this website.

Thomas Hardye School "Outstanding"

Ofsted Logo

Congratulations to Thomas Hardye School who have been graded Outstanding in all areas by OFSTED. A two day visit before Easter saw the Inspectors look in detail at all aspects of the school. Here are just a few of their comments.

?The Thomas Hardye School is an outstanding school?

?The headteacher has set a very clear direction for the school to provide a first class education for all students?

?Students? behaviour is exemplary.  They display a thirst for learning and this ensures that levels of engagement in lessons are exceptionally high?

?All groups of students make exceptional progress across the school.  This includes those who are disadvantaged, the most able and those with disabilities or special educational needs?

?The school is exceptionally inclusive; discrimination of any kind is not tolerated?

?The school?s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding.  The school?s systems for ensuring students are safe and secure are meticulously implemented and rigorously monitored?

?The quality of teaching is outstanding across the school and this enables all students to learn exceptionally well and make outstanding progress?

?Students? achievement is outstanding.  By the end of Year 11 they achieve standards significantly above those found nationally?
Pastoral leadership of the school is remarkable.  The college structure ensures that all students are known as individuals?

'In the Sixth Form, students make outstanding progress in all subjects because the variety of courses on offer matches the range of students? needs and prepares them extremely well for their futures?

?Students benefit from an exceptional range of enrichment activities?

The success of Thomas Hardye School is also a reflection on the success of DASP who provide the majority of our students!

The Report can be downloaded here.

Dancing to the beat in DASP


This Spring Term sees our Reception pupils all in action. All of the first schools were invited to a dance showcase where they performed in front of the other first schools. In Dorchester Middle School we saw Prince of Wales, Cerne Abbas, Manor Park, St Mary?s Catholic and Damers. All these schools attended and performed beautifully. In addition to the Reception pupils performing, DMS had 2 of their top Year 7 Dancers sports leading and teaching the many reception pupils part of a dance. A special thanks must go out to Amber Mills and Cleo Merritt for their hard work and exceptional sports leading on the day

On the other side of town, St Mary?s Puddletown Middle school hosted their first schools dance showcase for reception pupils. Cheselbourne, Milborne St Andrews, Piddle Valley and Puddletown First schools all attended. Some fantastic performances with Milborne having a Frozen Dance, Piddle Valley?s Life Cycle, Puddletown Firsts teddy bears picnic and Cheselbournes Chinese New Year dance. These were great performances that all the parents applauded energetically. The Year 8 sports leading girl dancers worked tirelessly to ensure the reception pupils enjoyed everything. The Year 8?s even came up with 2 of their own dances and helped teach the reception pupils a dance of their own too! A special thanks must go to Darcy Lewis, Evie Allum, Molly Lardner, Katie Burg, Olivia Cregg, Georgia Edwards and Lara Jones.

A superb event that had all the reception pupils smiling from ear to ear!
Am already looking forward to next year!

Mr Dailey


In November, students from a number of DASP Schools visited the IPACA Academy in Portland for a 'Kidsmeet' event. This is where students share knowledge and experiences of ICT with other people their age. First and Middle school children from DASP mixed with students from IPACA to show some of the things they found exciting. The day was a great example of how schools can work together.

See a full account with photos and video here.



Thomas Hardye Students create Mural for Damers First

Have you seen the mural on the wall at Damers First School as you pass by on Damers Road? It?s a fantastic Learning Wall created by Sixth Form students and the children in Foundation at Damers First School.

The school approached the Art Department to see if some students would be interested in helping to design a mural to replace a rather tired one. The Sixth Form students worked first of all with Treefrog, a mural specialist, to become skilled at painting on a wall. Then they were given a design brief by Mr. Moore from the Foundation team which included a list of fairy tale stories, tricky words the children needed to know and numbers from 1 ? 30.

The students set about creating a mural on paper the size of the wall at Damers then two students came to show the staff their designs including   Robin Hood sitting in a tree and Jack climbing the beanstalk. They were amazed by the designs.

The students came to paint the mural during some of the hottest days of the summer. They were helped by the Foundation children who painted the tricky bugs and the cow?s tail amongst other things. The children enjoyed having the students in school and learned about mixing colours. The interaction between the two groups, children and students, was very special and they all learned lots from one another.

The Learning Wall has become a fantastic outside resource and every day the children enjoy using it. Parents and people walking or driving past often comment about its wow factor.

Edd Moore
Damers First School

Following the successful completion of the large learning wall, James Cartwright  a year thirteen Art student has single handily painted a second  mural.  The second mural, which is over 5ft long, depicts local Dorset landmarks. James has really enjoyed painting the wall, all the lovely comments from the Damers children have cheered him along.   This week should see the completion of the mural, James has painted the wall through sun and rain and with luck he will beat the snow.



Damers Damers
Damers damers  



DASP Prom Concert 2013

June saw the annual DASP Last Night of the Proms; held as always, in the Marquee at Thomas Hardye. The large audience were treated to some fantastic music from children across all age ranges and DASP schools. The evening also saw the presentation of the DASP Citizen Awards, by the Lady Mayoress of Dorchester. This is where students are rewarded for doing that little bit extra for their school and community.

To see a fuller review see the Music News Page.

DASP Citizen Awards

Piddle Valley Children re-make a TV Classic!

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In the Spring Term, children at Piddle Valley First working with Jo Neale and Assistant Headteacher Cath Rothman created an animation based on the classic TV show, Mr Benn.

Wanting to show off their work, but not wanting to infringe copyright, Jo contacted David McKee, the creator of Mr Benn, to ask if the animation could go onto this website. He very kindly replied '"I wish you lots of viewers. Apparently there are already various things on the internet or whatever that I've never seen (I don't use a computer, email, internet etc etc.) Thank you for asking me......I would love to see your students/pupils work.

Thanks again, David McKee."

We are therefore delighted to show this excellent work, inspired by the wonderful original creation of Mr McKee.

Mrs Rothman said "We had such fun making this film and perhaps more importantly the children went on to write some terrific 'Mr Benn' stories of their own."

Thomas Hardye School 2012 A level results better than national average.

The Thomas Hardye School celebrated another record year for A Level results. The pass rate of 99% exceeded last year with almost one third of the results achieved at A*/A.  The average point score per entry was 231 points and the average point score per student 860 points, equivalent to three grade A?s!

Mike Foley, Headteacher, was delighted with the outcome: ?These are outstanding results by any comparison and congratulations are due to students and their teachers for all that they have achieved. The young people who received their results today should feel justifiably proud and it is worth pointing out that this generation have taken more tests and examinations in their school careers than any other.?

The vast majority of students achieved a place at their first choice of university including the large cohort with offers for Oxford and Cambridge.  As usual there were some outstanding individual performances:

Tom Brind                          
John Fernley                     
Ben Laird                            
Tim Lawson                       
Tom Stratton                    
Abigail Swarbrick             
Connie Treves                  
Martin Weston                
Lottie Whittingham        

3 passes at A* and one at grade A
3 x A* and 2 x A
4 x A* and 1 x A
7 x A*
3 x A*
3 x A*
4 x A* and 1 x A
3 x A*
5 x A*

The outstanding set of A Level results follows on from the record IB results published in May when students achieved a 100% pass rate and an average score of 33 points. As the majority of the school's sixth form have come through the schools of the Dorchester Partnership, the whole of DASP can take great pride in these results.


Cerne Abbas First make the biggest Torch yet!

Cerne Abbas Giant

On Monday May 28th, Cerne Abbas First School pupils braved the heat to trek up the hill to celebrate the coming Olympics in a unique way. Wearing red and orange clothes and carrying flame like banners, they assembled on the famous chalk giant to create a torch effect. Originally planned for February, as part of the DASP Olympic Torch Project, the school decided to postpone until the dryer weather.

Thanks to a parent at the school a flyover was arranged to get the aerial shots that truly show the scale of the venture. Children and adults were organised by Jane Still, presently teaching at the Thomas Hardye School and whose husband Jonathan is the vicar of St Mary?s Church in Cerne. Her careful planning ensured that the correct look was obtained. Cerne Abbas Headteacher, Helen Williams was delighted with the effect and says the children will never forget this experience. It also made for a special celebration, as it was her Birthday!

children on Cerne Giant


DASP Head leads Teacher visit to India

Peter Farrington, Headteacher at The Prince of Wales First School in Dorchester cannot resist the lure of India. He has recently been in India leading a group of 7 teachers on an educational study visit to Bangalore. To read about this exciting trip you can follow his Blog on the school's website (www.princeofwales.dorset.sch.uk) or at http://powbangaloreblog.blogspot.co.uk/ He would love it if you could send him some questions or make comments about the photos he is posting. (Google Account required).

Dorchester Schools Make Science Fun for the Family

The Middle Schools of the Dorchester Area Schools Partnership, in association with the Thomas Hardye School ran another one of their successful Family Fun Science Days on Saturday 21st January.2012 Children came along to Dorchester Middle School with their parents, to take part in activities that showed the fun side of science. From Maths balloons  to seeing how far a can of soup rolls compared to a tin of cat food (the answer being that the cat food tin rolls further, as its contents are more solid). Teachers from all four schools were there to show the breadth of science in education in the Dorchester area.

A particularly popular workshop  was the? CSI? room, where budding Sherlocks could examine the forensic evidence of a ?crime?.  In addition, a perennial favourite is the Mini Beasts workshop, which always proves popular with the youngest visitors. During the course of the afternoon, more than 177 students registered, with an average age of about 8. Eleven of these were third timers at these events and will be awarded their British Science Association Star or Superstar Investigator Award.
These Fun Days would not be possible without the support we get from STEM Ambassadors ? scientists and engineers from Universities and industry who work with our students. Dr Genoveva Esteban, STEM Ambassador representing a team from Bournemouth University said ? It has been great to have the opportunity to observe the school?s pond under the microscope and to show it to children and their families. I hope some children will become scientists in the future!?  The schools were also grateful to Dr Andrea Galotti from Queen Mary University of London, for providing support.

And Bubblz the maths clown (www.bubblzmaths.co.uk) said ?There were record levels of enthusiasm and some GREAT mathematical thinking. I had a wonderful day? - - she used more than 400 balloons ? a personal record!!

The experience was great for those helping as well. Eleanor (Year 7 from DMS) was helping with the ?Be seen, be safe? activity where visitors were invited to design a reflective safety vest ?I really enjoyed looking after the children and helping! I would definitely do this next year, thank you!!?

Phil Lane, Head of Science at Dorchester Middle said ?We love seeing children and their parents working together here at these fun days. However, just as important is that when they leave one of these events they take science home with them and continue that partnership begun here?.


Sport in DASP

We have added a new link to the side bar to access information on Sport in DASP. Do have a look to see what Levi Dailey, our new Sports Co-ordinator for DASP is achieving.

The DASP Olympic Torch

DASP Schools have been involved in their own Olympic Project, passing a torch from school to school. Each school is coming up with imaginative ways to carry the torch, from fire engines to horse drawn carriages. Whole schools are turning out to cheer the torch on and its certain these children will never forget Olympic year.

The Thomas Hardye School Student Voice have been visiting all schools as part of the Project. They work with children on Olympics related lessons.

To see photos and video of the handovers see our Olympic Torch Page.

Frome Carriage

A coach provided by the Allum family, brings the torch from Broadmayne to Frome Valley.