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You or your child will encounter various types of tasks during their studies, so we want to make the preparation process as easy as possible for you. Use test takers for hire to have a way to check or get additional data.

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Teacher's Toolbox: Streamlining Grading with Cutting-Edge Classroom Solutions – A Pro-Con Perspective/

Websites of interest


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Wessex Water has just produced a fun and festive video using local children with the message to keep fats out of the sewers. Please circulate it to the schools if you like it.

Click on the link above to view it

They hope it could be used to inspire school groups to make their own fun videos with a message? Wessex would be happy to link/feature any completed videos on their own website.


South West Grid for Learning

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See also:

South West Learning Grid for links to Curriculum information

SWGfL E-Safety page

Google Earth

This is a very exciting service from Google and is free to use the basic version (the full version is free to Educational users).

Go to:


You will need to register and then download an installer file. This will create an icon on your desktop that will load Google Earth. It will, in effect, give you an interactive globe on your computer. Click on a point on this globe and you will 'fly' around to that point and then zoom in to see aerial photo coverage.

google earth aerial photo

It is also possible to 'flatten' out the view to look around as if standing on the ground. In some places you can also see 3D models of buildings superimposed on the view, as here in the view of Manhattan.

google earth 3d models

You will need to have Windows XP to use this service and also a reasonable graphics card - plus, of course, a broadband connection.




A useful website of resources by teachers. Includes lesson plans and other classroom material.