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DASP PE 2015/16 Start!

A new school year and a new start in PE for DASP! Our First and Middle Schools were all well rested and re-energised to start this academic year with a bang! And this means that they will be very productive during competitions and training, and buy a book report to learn how to rest properly and find resources for training. Immediately the middle schools started booking in fixtures after fixtures with each other and the first schools didn?t waste time either. They booked in their Olympic Legacy Leaders in the very first week back to start quickly in their PE.

Sadly over the Summer Holidays we had to say goodbye to Mr Fisk who the St Osmund?s Cluster adored. However DASP PE managed to recruit an unbelievable employee in September called Mr Kent. Mr Kent has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is admired by all. He has already fitted in extremely well in the St Osmund?s cluster of first and middle schools. This now really boosts the PE moral in DASP.

The year started well with most of the new Year 5 classes in in the 3 middles having a tutor team building lesson led by Mr Treble and Mr Dailey. This enabled a smoother transition for the Year 5?s and for their new tutor to sit back and observe their new class. We again used PE as a tool here to help the lives and interactions of students to teachers. The first schools all grabbed their OLL/SSCo and immediately started planning their PE lessons around the upcoming tournaments/festivals! Funnily enough the first school staff members are starting to become more and more competitive (In a friendly way of course)

The Tag-Rugby Year 3/4 festival was ?Tagtastic? as some of the pupils was calling it. DASP PE ran this festival for all of our ?B Team? players that sometimes miss out but always come training. Mr Treble managed to use Dorchester Rugby Club as his venue for the Tag-Rugby festival and the Puddletown schools used the Middle School for theirs. The pupils all loved the art of tagging and scoring tries! Our first festival of the year turned out to be a huge success!

Onto the Year 1?s and 2?s with their multi skills. The first schools in Dorchester every year undergo fundamental movements and multi skills in the first few weeks of the year. In Puddeltown the middle school pupils manage to get into the first schools to help run mini multi skills competitions for each Year 1 and 2 classes. Then the top pupils in Year 1 and Year 2 are asked to come up to Dorchester Middle and Puddletown Middle School to compete in an area competition to see which first school breeds the best Year 1?s and 2?s. This year saw Damers and Broadmayne become winners!

The Year 3?s and 4?s also participated in a Basketball tournament ran for the ?Elite? players. We had 2 tournaments being ran across DASP. One at St Osmund?s that Mr Sawyer and Mr Treble ran successfully and one up at Puddletown?s middle school. The players all turned up and competed against all the other schools in their area. An outstanding level of skills turned up and competed well. One parent stated ?It?s like watching a mini NBA tournament?! The pupils all learnt and played extremely well. This tournament saw Damers become Champions in the Dorchester tournament and in the Puddletown Tournament we saw Puddletown First become Champions.

A terrific start to this 2015/16 year that we hope to snowball into next Spring and Summer term for PE!

Mr Dailey   


DASP Summer Schools 2015

The schools closed for the summer, but some pupils wanted more PE! Bring on the summer schools! Pupils in DASP had the chance to attend a couple of weeks in their local middle schools to take part in more PE. Mr Fisk, Mr Sawyer and Mr Treble all ran the summer schools in the different middle schools. The pupils all met up with each other on the first Mondays of each week and played cohesively with each other. The pupils that attended the schools were not all from the same school. New friends were met during the week and strong bonds between pupils were made at the end of each week.

Every day in the summer school the pupils were given a new sport that the pupils could try and compete in. The pupils which I spoke with during the weeks enjoyed being up at the middle school and also enjoyed the PE that was delivered.

The remarkable enjoyment the pupils had coming back to a school when they left for the summer was astonishing. This shows again how the power of PE can work in schools.

A gigantic thank you must go to Mr Sawyer, Mrs Nelson, Mr Treble, Mr Fisk and Shannon for their hard work over the summer holidays

Mr Dailey


Hitting for Six!

It starts from a young age, and it builds into a huge traditional national pride sport that is Cricket! Our first schools little ones in year 1 and 2 came up to their respective middle schools to take part in a kwik cricket festival. The pupils from all over DASP came to enjoy skill stations followed by a mini tournament to see which schools played the best! It is an ever pleasing sight to see young pupils think before they hit the ball. Knowing where to hit it (Where the fielders are not). This festival was also designed to see which schools showed promising team work in getting the balls back to the wickets as quickly as possible. Some pupils ran the ball back while others threw it back to their team mates.

Simply a fantastic sight to see at such a young age. I can't wait till next year!

Mr Dailey


2014 ? 15 Reviews and what?s been done!

To see a full roundup of the year's DASP sport see our Review page.

Year 1/2 Rounder?s Festival

The Year 1?s and 2?s in DASP had an opportunity to experience an adapted rounder?s game against other schools last Friday! Mr Sawyer had been conjuring up some inclusive equipment to allow the game of roudner?s to be played at KS1 level. This was a sight to see! Not only did all pupils hit the ball first time, but the fielding techniques of our youngsters proved to be improving after each batter. Team work plays a major part of rounder?s when fielding and all the parents/staff and spectators could witness pupils getting better and better! Whilst one game was acting out the other school were training hard, desperate to improve on their skills.

The competition/festival was simply superb and all spectators agreed. A thanks must go to the Year 8 sports leaders from Puddeltown; but a massive thanks must go to the organiser Mr Sawyer who not only planned, but ran the festival wonderfully!

Tennis in Year 7/8

On Friday 3rd July we had a talent showcase in tennis being displayed at Dorchester Tennis Club. All the middle schools entered their top 4 pupils into this competition. The boys/girl all took their place on the courts and warmed each other up ready for the showdowns! The pupils started with fiery first serves and incredible forehands that looked like warriors swinging their swords towards their enemy. The afternoon became quite an attraction with many members of the public coming over to watch with the Mayor of Dorchester among them!

In the end all the points were tallied up the schools came in the following places

St Mary?s Pudd     1st
St Osmund?s         2nd
DMS                        3rd

(Pudd Middle Pupils Pictured: Olie Tucker, Ollie Mason, Dominic Hannon and Gabby Bennet) A fantastic result that shows how good our pupils really are!

Mr Dailey


Year 3/4's hit big in Tennis

This year sees the first ever "Come and Try Tennis festival" in Dorchester! The pupils in the local first schools came down to the Dorchester Tennis Club to try out tennis with the tennis coaches. The yr 3/4's started with skill based stations lead by DMS's yr 8 sports leaders and then onto the "friendly" matches. The head coach at Dorchester Tennis Club Kevin Williemse and his brother Michael oversaw the pupils and was amazed at the skill level in the pupils! This was a great success and is already booked in for next year! Another huge thanks must again go to Kevin  and Michael who organised the pupils and was a role model for them to see.

Mr Dailey 

Sports Days galore!

This 2015 year has the perfect hot weather for our sports days! The pupils are enjoying being outside and the spectators are motivating their siblings to do their best. One benefit from DASP is the fact that the middle and upper schools send down pupils to their lower schools as Sports Leaders to help run their sports days. One massive compliment is the middle school yr 8's go back to their first school to help run their sports day they attended 4 years prior.

We are finding that the sports days in the first schools are getting bigger and better due to more yr 8's coming down to help score and record results. Some of the first schools are having more than one day for their sports day!

It's a wonderful time seeing all the pupils enjoying themselves and simply loving sport.

Mr Dailey 

Yr 5/6 Tennis in DASP

This year saw the annual tennis tournament for Year 5 and 6 take place down at Dorchester Tennis Club. Each Middle school sent their best players forward to gain the title of "Best in the Area"! The pupils battled hard with tremendous smashes/drop shots and back hand slices but in the end St Osmund's just took the title away from both DMS and Puddletown.

A massive thanks must go to Kevin Williemse who ran the tournament effortlessly

Mr Dailey  

Year 10's teaching Year 5's in football!

The Year 10 Thomas Hardyes BTEC pupils have been putting on a show for the Year 5's from DMS. The BTEC pupils have been thinking of a way to organise and run a festival of sport for the younger pupils. They all agreed on the sport of football. The DMS pupils were then invited to come up to the Upper School to take part in the festival. A superb morning of skill based learning and team building challenges trained the pupils ready for the football tournament.

All the Year 5 pupils were shattered afterwards but wanted to keep on playing. This speaks volumes to the Year 10's on how well they did.

An outstanding morning linking in both DMS and THS pupils that will have educated and excited both year groups all wishing to do it again!

Mr Dailey


Hitting for 6 in DASP!

It starts from a young age and it builds into a huge traditional national pride sport that is Cricket! Our first schools little ones in year 1 and 2 came up to their respective middle schools to take part in a Kwik cricket festival. The pupils from all over DASP came to enjoy skill stations followed by a mini tournament to see which schools played the best! It is an ever pleasing sight to see young pupils think before they hit the ball. Knowing where to hit it (Where the fielders are not). This festival was also designed to see which schools showed promising team work in getting the balls back to the wickets as quickly as possible. Some pupils ran the ball back while others threw it back to their team mates.

Simply a fantastic sight to see at such a young age. I can't wait till next year!

Mr Dailey

DASP Disability Festival

This week DASP has ran their first ever Festival for pupils with disabilities. The idea was to invite pupils with disabilities to come and try some new and old sports up at Dorchester Middle School. We had Table Cricket, Football, Boccia and Uni Hockey. The pupils met in the morning and were then split up so that in each group there was pupils from Prince of Wales, Dorchester Middle and Thomas Hardyes in them. All the pupils really enjoyed the morning and it was especially nice to see the Thomas Hardyes pupils encourage and motivate the younger pupils to do so well in these sports.

A special thanks must go to Rob Newton and Josh who ran the Table Cricket station which was a huge hit! If anyone wished to learn more about table cricket then please contact Rob on [email protected]

Another special thanks must go to Rosie Eggleston who came from the Football Association and ran her very popular football station.

If any pupils are wishing to learn more about disabled football then please contact Rosie on

This was a great pilot festival that will now be booked in annually due to its success


Year 3 Athletics 2015

Our DASP athletics gets underway this year with our yr 3 athletics competition in the middle schools! Most of the yr 3 pupils in DASP attended and achieved some very impressive scores! All the pupils had tough challenges to perform. They had hurdles, relays, throws, jumps and some more difficult challenges ahead of them but in the end the pupils were buzzing! The yr 7 sports leaders worked there hearts out to ensure the yr 3?s had the most fun possible.  A massive thank you must go to them



Gifted and Talented Year 4's invade St Mary's Puddeltown!

Over the last few months gifted and talented Year 4 pupils in PE have been coming up to St Mary's Puddletown Middle School to further their Physical Education. Over the last few months the Year 4's from our feeder schools had 5 sessions in which they focused on; Fitness, Endurance and Strength for one lesson, Speed/Power and flexibility for another, Agility and co-ordination, flight with speed and team play and leadership control during a game. One session in particular was the team play and leadership control in which Year 4's from all different schools listened and worked together without any problems or arguments. It was a great start seeing the best of the best attend these sessions up at the middle school. The pupils are now prepared for the high quality PE they'll be getting when they are Year 5 in September 2015.

Mr Dailey

Orienteering Mad in DASP!

We have had loads of pupils all competing in Orienteering at their next schools! We have had all the Year 4's up at their middles schools searching high and low for the markers. We have also had our Year 8's up at the Upper school searching for the electronic markers! The beauty about this is the Year 4's get used to the surroundings at the middle school ready for them in September turning into Year 5's! The Year 8's also have the same experiences ready for the jump to the upper school in Year 9!

The pupils were all nervous going up to the middles and upper schools but it is clear that after the orienteering, they all felt a lot more confident towards the new start in September!

Mr Fisk and Mr Treble's work with the pupils must be commended and for the Year 7 sports leaders who helped the first school pupils enjoy it even more!

Sport again helps everyone in DASP!

Mr Dailey

Dancing to the beat in DASP


This Spring Term sees our Reception pupils all in action. All of the first schools were invited to a dance showcase where they performed in front of the other first schools. In Dorchester Middle School we saw Prince of Wales, Cerne Abbas, Manor Park, St Mary?s Catholic and Damers. All these schools attended and performed beautifully. In addition to the Reception pupils performing, DMS had 2 of their top Year 7 Dancers sports leading and teaching the many reception pupils part of a dance. A special thanks must go out to Amber Mills and Cleo Merritt for their hard work and exceptional sports leading on the day

On the other side of town, St Mary?s Puddletown Middle school hosted their first schools dance showcase for reception pupils. Cheselbourne, Milborne St Andrews, Piddle Valley and Puddletown First schools all attended. Some fantastic performances with Milborne having a Frozen Dance, Piddle Valley?s Life Cycle, Puddletown Firsts teddy bears picnic and Cheselbournes Chinese New Year dance. These were great performances that all the parents applauded energetically. The Year 8 sports leading girl dancers worked tirelessly to ensure the reception pupils enjoyed everything. The Year 8?s even came up with 2 of their own dances and helped teach the reception pupils a dance of their own too! A special thanks must go to Darcy Lewis, Evie Allum, Molly Lardner, Katie Burg, Olivia Cregg, Georgia Edwards and Lara Jones.

A superb event that had all the reception pupils smiling from ear to ear!
Am already looking forward to next year!

Mr Dailey



Girls shoot and score in DASP


During this Spring Term the female footballers in all years at Middle school have taken part in the DASP Pyramid indoor 5 a side competitions in St Mary?s Puddletown?s new sports hall.  At the end of every tournament I asked the girls which they preferred either a carpeted floor or a wooden one. Nearly all of them proffered the carpeted floor @ Puddletown

Up came the Year 5 teams to Puddletown. An array of excitement mixed with some powerful plays saw DMS win the Year 5 tournament!

Onto the Year 6 tournament which saw the girls playing a bit more physical. All teams pushed hard for the victory and Puddletown pushed the hardest to secure their win of the Area Tournament

Then it went onto the Year 7 teams to battle it out at Puddletown. The Year 7?s kicked/shot/passed and out skilled the yr 5/6?s and proved themselves to not only be a little taller but more skill full as well. The victorious team was however Puddletown!

Now with the Year 8 competition it proved to be friendlier than the other three tournaments. The girls all fought hard and charged at goal and defended at all costs, but in the end St Osmunds came away champions

It is an absolute pleasure to run a tournament such as the Girls 5 a side in Dorchester, as the girls get so much out of it and it?s a rare opportunity for some of them as well


DASP Inclusion Yr 3/4 Football Festival 2015

Last Friday Mr Sawyer brought together a battle between 5 teams! Prince of Wales, Piddle Valley, Puddletown First, St Mary?s Catholic Scorchers and St Mary?s Catholic Spartans.

The teams all took to their ground snarling at the other teams! Battle commenced and some very impressive plays were performed!
Puddletown looked strong in defence with Prince of Wales always charging hard. Piddle Valley were tactical with their plays and set pieces. St Mary?s Spartans lived up to their name and pursued victory together. The St Mary?s Scorchers hammered in shot after shot at goal! The whole atmosphere around this tournament was amplified after more games were played.

The last games finished and the pupils all rushed around the organiser Mr Sawyer who ran the tournament well. In reverse order the scores were read out, pausing in between. The pauses became longer and the anticipation was at breaking point?.. First place goes to Piddle Valley!

A terrific morning of football and congratulations goes out to all the teams entered, but a special congratulations must go to the deserved winners of Piddle Valley and their manager Mr Wash (Team pic below)
I am already looking forward to next year?s competition!

Mr Dailey


DASP PE Autumn reviews 2014/15
A review of PE delivered into our DASP schools during this Autumn term (Click here to Download the PDF)

Yr 7 Sports Leaders at Bryanston!

This year see's all the Dorchester Middle Schools attend the County leadership training in sport. The pupils were selected as being strong leaders already and this training will only boost their already high skills in sports leadership.

The pupils were separated and mixed into the rest of the top county leaders. Each group was then set a number of difficult tasks to deliver back to their group. It was a spectacle to witness the Dorchester pupils standing high amongst older pupils from around the County. Standing and speaking confidently to others, knowing that what they were leading was benefiting everyone.

A true act of leadership was had by the 12 pupils sent

These skilled pupils will now be going back into their schools to help the others lead better in PE activities to aid the rest of the school and community.

Mr Dailey

Pictured are the top pupils from Dorchester Middle School and St Mary's Puddletown Middle School


Crazy Basketball in DASP this year!

This year in DASP we have decided to go a little mad with basketball. We have run 4 tournaments already this year and are planning 2 more after the Christmas holidays! This year it all started with our first schools

Year 3/4 Basketball tournament

The Yr 3?s and 4?s have been practicing their basketball skills in lesson since the start of this year all in ready for the annual yr 3/4 area tournament. There were 2 tournaments held. One for St Osmunds and DMS feeder schools and another tournament for the Puddletown Feeder schools. The Tournament at St Osmunds saw superb skills being had by all the teams and personal friendly rivalry take place for the Dorchester first schools. In the end the champions this year went to Cerne Abbas (Pictured below)

In the Puddletown schools the basketball tournament became very competitive with sportsmanship all in hand. The skills and team work was great and after every game all the schools thanked each other for playing them. This is a true sports sight that is lost in adults sometimes. A pleasure to be a part of this tournament. In the end after a hard fought morning Broadmayne left as champions (Pictured below)

Basketball Year 5 tournament

Now the middle schools have all ran basketball clubs since the start of the year and instead of having friendlies we thought it was best to have a Dorchester Tournament! The yr 5?s all went up to Puddletown Middle School to take part in the 6 matches in this area tournament. St Osmunds played hard, DMS strived for glory and Puddletown as host would not go down without a fight! In the end it saw DMS taking victory (Pictured) with Puddletown closely behind them followed by St Osmunds.

Basketball Year 6 tournament

Again the teams all met up at Puddletown Middle School and played their hearts out to try to gain the title of Area Champs. St Osmunds fought well, DMS shooting any and every chance they had with Puddletown commanding the ball and controlling the play! It was a spectacle and a half to witness. In the end St Osmunds walked out of the sports hall as Area Winners (Pictured) with Puddletown extremely close behind and a valiant DMS who was even closer behind them

Now we move on to the Year 7 and Year 8 tournaments after Christmas!


Multi Skills = Multi talented Yr 1?s and 2?s in DASP!

We have just had the best of the best pupils in the area competing in multi skills to see which schools host the top flight pupils in Yr 1 and 2 In DASP.

Throughout this first term all the first schools in DASP have had the Yr 8 sports leaders come in them to run an intra multi skills competition at the first schools. Then the results were handed back to the first schools and top boy and girl in Yr 1 and 2 in each school were then asked to attend the final up at either DMS or at Puddletown Middle. The DMS multi skills festival saw all the direct feeders attend from Cerne Abbas, Winterbourne Valley, Damers, Prince of Wales, St Mary?s Catholic, St Mary?s Charminster and Manor Park. The pupils tried their hardest and in a tight space saw brilliance in skills performed by the Yr 1?s and 2?s. On the day however Damers acquired victory, so congratulations goes to them






In the Puddletown pyramid the multi skills festival saw Puddletown first, Broadmayne, Frome Valley, Milborne St Andrews, Piddle Valley and Cheselbourne. The pupils were shown the big sports hall at the middle school and then the first schools had a fun filled warm up led by the top yr 8 sports leaders in there. Then the excited Yr 1?s and 2?s entered the hall where the tournament began! It was edge of your seat spectating and in the end it fell to Frome Valley who went away as the rightful winners!

A HUGE thanks must go to the Yr 8 sports leaders from DMS and Puddletown who ran the show! As without them they would not have been a festival


And now a Tag-tastic time in DASP for the Yr 5?s and 6?s!

All the middle schools arrived at Dorchester Rugby club and were given immediate coaching hot spots in tagging, passing, mini games and gauntlet running. These sessions were led beautifully by the Weymouth College students under the supervision of Ben Heath. After all the Yr 5?s and Yr 6?s had completed their stations, they then moved onto the Tournament!

DMS, St Osmunds and Puddletown all had a team each in the Yr 5 tournament and the Yr 6 tournament. So as we described it from the sidelines ?Let battle commence. There were hard fought matches which saw plenty of tries and exceptional off loads to supporting runners. The games proved the true meaning of team work in this sport! In the end we saw Puddletown take the victory in both the tournaments followed closely by a strong St Osmunds team followed incredibly close by a dominant DMS team.

Congratulations must go to Puddletown


A Tag-tastic time by all

The first tournament/festival of the year is always the one that every school wishes to win! This year we had the year 3/4 Tag rugby festival/tournament. There were 2 tournaments run from both the Dorchester Rugby Club for the Dorchester Schools and Puddletown middle School for the Puddletown First schools.

The pupils all came to the venues with little knowledge of the sport. The first hour was spent with simple skill stations lead by either the DMS Sports leaders, or the Puddletown Sports leaders. The skill stations were: Bag Bosh, Handling, Tagging, The gauntlet, Rugby fitness and a Mini Game.

After the skill stations with the yr 3/4?s tag knowledge at its best, the tournament began! Parents/Teachers and subs were all observing outstanding skills and intelligence being performed by the rugby players. Tries, tags and outstanding team work was had by the teams. This was a spectacle that should have been seen on television, it was that good!

The Yr 3 and 4?s did their schools proud, but more importantly they did themselves proud and are now extremely keen to pursue rugby inside and outside of school!

The results were:

Dorchester Schools                                              
1st       Damers (Pictured)
2nd      Manor Park
3rd      Cerne Abbas
4th       St Mary?s Charminster
5th       St Mary?s Catholic
Winterbourne and Prince of Wales didn?t attend

Puddletown Schools
1st       Piddle Valley (Pictured)
2nd      Broadmayne
3rd       Frome Valley, Puddletown First and Cheselbourne
4th       Milborne St Andrews


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