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Previously the Dorset Children's Information Service. It can help provide Ofsted registered childcare providers, activities to do with your child, clubs that your child can attend independently and services to support your child. Roughly speaking, this is an opportunity for your child to consume and absorb any type of information better and easier: from school to club, and https://elitewritings.com one of the popular online custom writing services will help you with this. It can help you understand the different types of childcare and find out what funding may be available to help you meet the cost of childcare.


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What do your kids tell you about their day at school?

Is it usually "Oh nothing much"? Well this is the name of a recent Report (March 2009) from Dr Tanya Byron. You can see a summary of the report at:


The Report looks at how much parents know about what their children do at school and how greater involvement makes a huge difference to their attainment. It also is acting as a springboard to schools making more information available to parents online.

You will also find Dr Byron's 'Top Tips for Parents' at the link above. And while you are there, have a look around the Next Generation Learning website, which is full of useful information.

Safer Schools

This is a partnership between schools and local Police forces.

"The focus of Safer School Partnerships is early intervention and prevention. The schemes encourage the police, children and young people to build good relationships, trust and mutual respect. Police officers working in partnership with schools under this scheme continue their operational policing approach, but do so in a way that fulfils a prevention and deterrence role, and supports victims of crime."

For the National perspective, see:


Or download the leaflet on the left (in pdf form) from the Dorset Team:


This very important issue for parents is covered in detail at this page. Do please have a look where you will find help sheets and links to other websites.

NEWS ITEM (29/9/08): The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) is a new internet watchdog launched by the Government in response to the Byron Report. Its aim is to "protect children from "harmful" web content, such as cyber-bullying and violent video games". Its membership will include representatives of social networking sites and technology firms. It is hoped to establish a code of conduct for sites such as Bebo and Facebook.

See this report:


Parents use of photos taken in school

Parents will often understandably want to take photos of activities in school involving their children. Whilst in most instances this will not be a problem it is possible they will, in all innocence, make the photos available more widely. The popularity of social networking sites means that they might put photos from a school on to Facebook, or something similar. If the photo only includes their child, then that is entirely up to them. However, if the photo includes other chldren (or adults), then this can be a problem. They have not given permission for their images to be used on a website outside school. If you take photos at a school event, you should not be 'publishing' them if they include any children or adults not in your family. You should also think carefully about putting photos of yourself or your children on websites or Facebook. How private or public is your own web area? Please check the policy of your child's school on these matters.

Webster Stratton

These courses are run by DASP for Parents. Information on the latest course will follow here soon.

Useful Links

Here are some useful websites you might like to look at.

BBC Parents School site


Information for parents and on parenting.



Part of Direct Gov a comprehensive site for parents of children of all ages.