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DASP Diary of meetings

At such meetings, we discuss important issues, as well as cooperation with teachers and volunteers, as well as the state of students (mental and psychological). For information summaries and analytical databases, we use https://writology.com/ghostwriting where cheap ghost writers will submit the best materials.

Download a Meetings planner for 2015-16 (Word)

Download a Meetings planner for 2015-16 (PDF)

Meeting dates 2015/16

Sep 15th Executive  
Sep 17th Upper/Middle School Heads  
Sep 17th DMIS  
Sep 18th First School Heads  
Oct 8th Consultative Group  
Oct 23rd Training day  
Nov 2nd Training Day  
Nov 12th Upper/Middle School Heads  
Nov 13th First School Heads  
Nov 16th Attendance Panel  
Nov 17th Executive  
Nov 26th Admin Group  
Jan 14th Upper/Middle School Heads  
Jan 15th First School Heads  
Jan 19th Executive  
Jan 20th Attendance Panel  
Jan 28th AGM  
Feb 2nd Consultative Group  
Feb 9th DMIS  
Feb 12th Training Day  
March 3rd Upper/Middle School Heads  
March 4th First School Heads  
March 8th Executive  
March 17th Admin Group  
March 21st Attendance Panel  
April 21st Upper/Middle School Heads  
April 22nd First School Heads  
April 26th Executive  
May 9th Attendance Panel  
May 17th Consultative Group  
June 7th DMIS  
June 9th Admin Group  
June 27th Attendance Panel  
June 30th Upper/Middle School Heads  
July 1st First School Heads  
July 5th Executive  

INSET 2015/16

Sep 4th and 5th Staff days
October 23rd and November 2nd Staff days
February 12th Staff day

Pupil Voice


Events 2015/16

  DASP Prom Concert  

Mini Pyramid Meetings 2015/16



See also the DASP Music page for details of Music events