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Citizenship in DASP

In DASP we have been working to devise a set of guidelines that all children in DASP know and understand. All schools will take them on board, so that children know there will be consistency through their school life. At the end of each school year there will be awards for pupils who have shown exceptional character and awareness of the DASP Citizen ideals (The DASP Citizen Award). This is a motivator for children to study and prepare better. If you want your child to develop according to this scheme, letter writing services from https://topwritingservice.com/letter-writing-service/ will make a wonderful resume-acquaintance.

An important part (perhaps the most important part) is the idea of student voice within this project. The children must be part of the decision making process and help formulate these guidelines. Thomas Hardye students have taken a lead on this and have worked with other schools in the Partnership to make it work.


DASP Citizen Project

At the 2005 DASP Conference, Heads and Senior staff agreed on an ongoing project to establish the concept of a ?DASP Citizen? for our schools. Since then, DASP Staff and students have worked together to create the DASP Citizen scheme. This rewards children for making a positive contribution to their school community. With clearly defined areas, based on childrens' opinions, they act as guidelines for behaviour and self respect. Each year, those that have been judged by their peers, as having made the greatest contribution receive the DASP Citizen award. The DASP Citizen scheme has already proved a great success and is an annual event.

A poster has been produced, based on work by DASP students, that lists the '7 Cs' of responsible behaviour. It is available to download here as an editable word file, or a PDF.

The DASP 7Cs Poster (Word Format)

The DASP 7Cs Poster (Pdf Format)

DASP has also been working with parents to create a Charter for acceptable behaviour and processes for parents working with schools. This can be downloaded from here:

DASP Parents Charter

In addition to the DASP Citizen see our work with:

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