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This page is for information and Minutes of Student Voice meetings.

Also for any other notices and comments from Student Voice bodies in DASP.

See the Olympic Dreams Project Page

Thomas Hardye Student Voice and DASP Schools get involved with this BBC Project. Also the sporting challenges between the two schools are available on video as they take place.

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Future Meetings:

Minutes of Meetings

The following Minutes of DASP Student Voice meetings are available for download:

Thomas Hardye 2nd October 2012

Thomas Hardye 3rd February 2012

St Mary's Puddletown Pyramid 9th June 2011

St Mary's Puddletown Pyramid 24th March 2011

St Osmunds Pyramid 14th February 2011

St Osmunds Pyramid 22nd November 2010

Thomas Hardye 12th November 2010

DMS Mini Pyramid 8th November 2010

St Mary's Puddletown Pyramid 11th November 2010

DMS Mini Pyramid 21st September 2010

Thomas Hardye 9th September 2010

Thomas Hardye 5th July 2010

DMS Mini Pyramid 24th June 2010

St Osmunds Pyramid 9th June 2010

THS Student Voice 20th May 2010

St Mary's Puddletown Pyramid 20th May 2010

THS Student Voice 26th March 2010

St Osmund's Pyramid 10th February 2010

DMS Mini Pyramid 28th January 2010

THS Student Voice 28th January 2010

St Mary's Puddletown Pyramid 21st January 2010

St Osmund's Pyramid 25th November 2009

THS Student Voice 20th November 2009

DASP Student Voice 5th November 2009

St Mary's Middle Mini Pyramid 22nd October 2009

DMS Mini Pyramid 30th September 2009

THS Student Voice 17the September 2009

Notes from the meeting of 8th July 2009 at St Osmunds (1.30 p.m)

DMS Pyramid 11th June 2009

Puddletown Pyramid 9th June 2009

The following Minutes of Dorset's County Student Voice meetings are available for download:

29th March 2010

Our representatives are one girl from Year 11 THS, one girl from Year 8 St Mary's Puddletown, one boy from Year 6  DMS and one boy from Year 4  St Mary's Catholic First.

What happens at a Student Voice Meeting?

To get an idea of how useful the DASP Student Voice is, we have a report on one mini pyramid meeting and what was discussed.

See the Report here

Eco-Schools in DASP

At our meeting on 8th July, Katy Loveless and the DASP Student Voice Panel gave a presentation concerning the Eco-schools Scheme and what schools can do to achieve this. If you would like to see the Powerpoint pepared by Katy you can download it here.

Download Powerpoint Presentation

Notes and resources from the meeting of 5th November 2009

Our meeting of 5th November had a number of useful presentations on Eco schools and the 10:10 scheme.

Download a pdf about 10:10

Puddletown First gave a presentation on Eco Schools

Download the Puddletown Handout

They also made a Powerpoint about their work to become an Eco School

Download the Puddletown Powerpoint

Cheselbourne First made a Powerpoint all about their work to become an Eco School

Download the Cheselbourne Powerpoint

Thomas Hardye students make their presentation

DASP Student Voice

Transition Town Dorchester

Transition Town Dorchester is a local community organisation that wants to meet the challenge of climate change and peak oil dependency.

Marion Dove of Transition Town Dorchester would be happy to come into schools to talk about the issues and what we can do as a community. She can be contacted at:

and see the website at:



Planning documents on the DASP arrangements are available here.

See these websites for more support on the Student Voice.

A UK site for all things concerned with the students view on schools and the education community. (Secondary based)

The UK Student Voice Project

The Specialist Schools Trust Student Voice page.

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The website for the Children's Commissioner for England

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See also:

DASP Eco Schools Projects. For news on how we are trying to make DASP schools more environmentally friendly.

The Original DASP Student Voice Launch

DASP is committed to ensuring that students have a say in their education. All our schools have student voice bodies, who meet regularly to discuss school matters. Representatives from these bodies now meet to discuss matters concerning all DASP schools.

Monday 8th October 2007 at Dorchester Town Hall, marked the launch of the Dorchester Area Schools? Partnership Student Voice initiative. Whilst many schools have School Council/Student Voice bodies, we believe this is the first time a whole pyramid or partnership of schools have worked together to listen to what young people think about their school community.

Student Voice meeting

The day was opened by David Barrett, then Mayor of Dorchester. It introduced young people to the notion of sharing, decision making and democracy. Working within an example of a local seat of democracy (the Town Hall), they examined the empowerment of young people in schools. The day was jointly organised by the Dorchester Area Schools Partnership and David Powell of the Education Department of Dorset County Council (and also ex-DASP!).

Each of the 18 schools in DASP sent student representatives to the Conference. This means that all DASP children were represented, from 4 year olds to 19 year olds. The day will be followed up by further, regular meetings. The idea is to find solutions, not just describe the problem. Typical issues might be Citizenship, Rights Respecting Schools, Behaviour and Bullying.