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What is an Eco School?

See the national website : http://www.eco-schools.org.uk/

At which they say:

Eco Schools Logo"The Government in England wants every school to be a sustainable school by 2020. The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) launched their Sustainable Schools Framework in 2006 when the Secretary of State for Education, the Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP set out challenging long-term aspirations for schools to mainstream learning about sustainable development issues and sustainable practices into everyday school life.

Eco-Schools is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into the heart of school life. "

Our DASP Student Voice groups, amongst others, have been looking at this scheme and how we can make our schools more environmentally friendly. We will be reporting on these as they happen. We will also use this page as a chance to report on other intiatives, such as the anti-litter scheme below.

Other links for sustainable schools:

The Dorset County Sustainable Schools Page:


The TeacherNet, sustainable schools page:



What do you think about Litter?

West Dorset Councillor David Barrett wants to know what people in schools think about our growing litter problems. He is endorsing the 'Stop the Drop' campaign organised by the Campaign to Protect Rural England. He sees schools as fundamental to getting the message across to people at an early age.

See the Stop the Drop website:


You can also link to a video there, of Bill Bryson talking about his view of the problem.

Councillor Barrett says: "What can we all do about it? The answer is to educate people and to provide reasons why this problem should be addressed, thought about and to ask for everyone's help in resolving the problems which will then be to the ultimate benefit."

An Inter School Environmental Panel Study Group has been set up to take the responsibility of considering the issues and making improvements within school environments. Awards will then be made to those pupils who make a major contribution to this.

You can contact Councillor Barrett at: