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Using' App' Technology in Music

DASP Music are offering exciting new instrumental tuition in using the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for recording, composing, and playing instrument apps. There are an enormous number of music making apps available (all unbelievably cheap - from 69p to £2.99), and many professional musicians are now using iPads etc. as instruments on stage, in the studio, and even recording entire albums on them (e.g. Bjork, and the Gorillaz)

Using the touch screen interface on these devices, one can play guitars, drums, wind instruments (by blowing into the microphone!) Apps, such as garage band, make the iPad etc. into mini, high quality, recording studios. One remarkable aspect of this technology is that it is very simple and intuitive to use - so, even primary school children can get creative.

Finally, all the work that is done on these devices can easily be emailed directly to parents, so they can hear and see exactly what their children are up to in their lessons.

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DASP Prom Concert 2nd July

Saturday night saw a host of young Dorchester musicians taking a trip to ?the Movies?. This was the musical theme for the evening as the annual DASP Prom Concert took place in the huge Marquee erected in the grounds of the Thomas Hardye School.

The concert opened, as always with the National Anthem. However, this quickly moved into the famous 20th Century Fox Overture and we were off! A Brass Ensemble made up of students from the three DASP Middle Schools and Thomas Hardye played the theme from Summer Holiday. Then Tracey Green led the First Schools Orchestra in a marvellous version of Henry Mancini?s Pink Panther.  Highlight of this was the lead cello, provided by 9 year old Hannah McFarlane from Manor Park First School. The concert then took a seawards turn for a while as ?Saxaphonics? performed some Sea Shanties. A theme continued by the DASP Flute Choir with the Sailors Hornpipe.

It was back to the movies, with Monty Norman?s famous James Bond theme, played with enthusiasm by the Middle Schools? Orchestra. It was Middle School students again, this time from St Marys, Puddletown, who made up ?Millie and the Peeps? They both looked and sounded the part, with their rendition of ?Everybody Needs Somebody? from the classic ?Blue Brothers?.  Perhaps the surprise hit of the night were the children of DASP?s smallest school, Cheselbourne First. They chose to dance some traditional Polka and Morris and had the audience enthusiastically clapping along. The performance was a fitting tribute to retiring Headteacher, Anne Herridge, herself a keen Polka dancer.

A more contemporary feel was provided by the Harmony Group who performed Jesse J?s ?Price Tag? and Alicia Keys ?Empire State of Mind?. Then it was movie themes  again, as the DASP Concert Band performed ?Pirates of the Caribbean? accompanied by two dancers from Thomas Hardye. There was a brief interlude from the music as the annual DASP Citizen prizes were awarded to children who had made important contributions to life in their schools. The Awards were made by the Mayor of Dorchester, introduced by Mr Paul Chadwick, Head of Dorchester Middle.

A great tradition has been set by these concerts and there is only one way to finish. With Union Jacks waving unashamedly, the Thomas Hardye Orchestra, conducted by James Baker, launched into Rule Britannia. Soloists were Bronte Kirby and Martin Weston; they were however accompanied by a ?choir? of hundreds as the audience joined in.  When the music finished, the crowd went outside to see a fine firework display from Anytime Fireworks. This could be seen from the hills all around Dorchester.  James Baker, is Head of Music at Thomas Hardye and also DASP Music Coordinator. He said ? I was absolutely delighted with this year?s Prom Concert. The standard of playing really was exceptionally high, and it was inspiring to see students of all ages, from 6 to 18, making music together. The enjoyment felt by students and audience alike was obvious to see, and the firework display was a spectacular end to a spectacular evening. Well done, and thank you, to everyone involved!?


Dates for the diary.

12th November 2011 DASP Concert
St Mary's Church 7.30 p.m.

Tuesday, 13th December 2011 ? DASP Music Christmas Concert
Thomas Hardye School Theatre.

Saturday, 30th June 2012 ? DASP Music Marquee Concert
Thomas Hardye School Field.

Previous Events

Saturday 16th July - St Mary's Church,
The Thomas Hardye Singers and Musicians
Carmina Burana and Carnival of the Animals

March 31st 2011 Thomas Hardye Spring Fundraiser Concert

March 31st 2011 First School Concert

March 30th 2011 First School Concert

December 14th 2010 DASP Christmas Concert

November 13th 2010 DASP Rights Respecting Concert with Imperial College London


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News and Reports

St Mary?s School Choir Report

Our Choir sang with the Dorset Choral Society on Saturday, March 26th at St Mary?s Church, Dorchester.  We sang Gabriel Faure?s Pavane, written in 1887 and his master piece Requiem which he composed between 1887 and 1890.  We also sang Cesar Franck?s Panis Angelicus.

We rehearsed at school twice a week beginning at the start of the term in order to learn these three pieces.  We began to rehearse with St Osmunds about once a week either at St Marys or at St Osmunds up until the half term break.  It was important that our two choirs were able to sing together.  After the half term we began to rehearse ? as one large school choir on Monday evenings at a church in Dorchester with members of the adult choral society.  The first time we sang with them they were so loud we all nearly dropped our music.  It was difficult not to stop staring at them. 

During these rehearsals, the Director of Music, Christine Page, was really strict about us making the correct sounds and standing very still and always looking forward so that we did not appear fidgety in front of the adult choir.

It was hard going to all the rehearsals because they were so late, but it was really good because we accomplished singing in Latin and the three pieces were difficult but in the end we sounded very good.

On the day of the performance the church was full.  We all felt quite nervous because their were so many people in the church and the Choral Society were all dressed in black and they looked like they were going to a posh dinner.  There were 3 professional singers as well who had voices that were mind blowingly amazing.  They had voices like floating clouds or thunder.  All the members of the choral society and the professionals were really nice to us.

We sang our pieces, the Pavane and Panis Angelicus first without mistakes.  It was a relief to get our two unique pieces overwith but we sounded really good.  The Choral Society then sang with the professionals and after the interval we all sang the Requiem.  It was important that we all remembered when we had to stand or sit and to keep our music turned to the correct page.  We could not be seen to be fidgeting but we had to be ready to sing at the right moment.  The sound we all made was really lovely and the audience was very appreciative.  All our hard work had been worth it ? everyone said it was lovely.


Weymouth Music Festival

On Saturday the 5th of March the Weymouth Music Festival was held at Wey Valley School. Many musicians, instrumental groups, bands and ensembles entered this exciting event. After a few events, it was my turn as a violin player in the DASP Middle Schools Orchestra, conducted by Johanna Wolff.

We played Dr. Who and  Thus Spake Zarathustra. These both went well and we were given postitive feedback from the adjudicator. He also told us some good pointers for improving our playing.

We were very happy to be invited to play in the concert; enabling us to hear many of the other acts that had taken part. There was an amazing variety of talent so it would be hard to say what my favourite was, as they all did really well. I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to have taken part in it.


We all enjoyed the Weymouth Music Festival on the 5th of March. We all met at Wey Valley school drama studio and we all had our Yellow, Orange and Red T-Shirts on! There was an adjudicator watching us. He said that ?Chick, Chick, Chicken? was a most impressive performance, but Wallace and Gromit was not so polished!

The most enjoyable part for me was having a very big audience and having a very big clap! I also enjoyed listening to the Middle Schools? Orchestra and all the Brass Orchestras!

Mrs Green was our conductor and she was a lot of help. I hope Mrs Green, the big helpers and Mrs Ballard all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Genevieve Age: 9

On Saturday 5th March the DASP Middle Schools Flute Choir took part in the Weymouth Music Festival. In the festival we played 2 pieces: ?Over the Rainbow? and ?Doggies Flirt?. Everybody in the Flute Choir was nervous before we played. Although thanks to Mrs Green, on the day of the festival, we all sounded great. The adjudicator had fantastic comments about us; he particularly enjoyed ?Over the Rainbow? ? therefore we were selected to play it in the festival concert. There were lots of fun and enjoyable performances in the concert, and I particularly enjoyed listening to the wide range of choirs and piano solos.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Mrs Green for taking the time to organise the Middle Schools Flute Choir and for giving us this great opportunity.

Eleanor: Year 7 St. Osmunds Middle School

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