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There are many points related to learning, including the perception of music and its involvement in the learning process. If you want to read more about this, don't worry and go to https://mid-terms.com/buy-discussion-board-post/ with the words write my discussion post etc. MUSIC TOTS is a series of exciting and stimulating Pre-school Music sessions in which small groups of children, with the help of Ziggy the Zebra and his friends, begin to learn about pulse and rhythm through song, dance and musical games.  

Research has proved that all children are musical and that music plays a vital part in nurturing a child?s cognitive, social, language and physical development.

If you are interested in having a Music Tots Session in your Pre-School, please contact the DASP Music Service

For further information, please contact:

DASP Music Service
The Thomas Hardye School, Queen's Avenue, DT1 2ET

Contacts Pre-School