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Common Assessment Framework


Integrated Working from 0-19

The CAF is a key component in the Every Child Matters: Change for Children programme. The aim of the programme is to ensure that every child receives the universal services to which they are entitled and any additional services they need at the earliest opportunity.

What is CAF?

CAF is a universal assessment tool, based on the Every Child Matters 5 outcomes

CAF provides a framework for multi-agency working for children in levels 1 & 2

CAF puts families at the heart of the process

CAF provides for a Lead Professional to coordinate service delivery to children

Resources and information to support schools


CAF Assessment Guidance Notes

CAF PreAssessment Checklist

Dorset Budget Holding Lead Professional Guidance and Application Form



Your contact in West Dorset is:

Mick Hogben.

His administrator (Emma) can be reached on 01305 779362.

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