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First Schools

Frome Valley First School, Crossways Once a week. Use QCA Schemes of work.
Broadmayne First School, Broadmayne All students are taught recorder, and use tonic sol-fa with hand signals. Guitar Club (Kate Badley), Recorder Club (Natasha Bostock), Hand Chimes. Written School Song, & Song for Rights Respecting Schools earlier this year.
Manor Park First School, Dorchester Choir, Beginner & Intermediate Recorders (Ruth Redley & Kathy Prince)
Piddle Valley First School, Piddletrenthide Music Express.
Winterbourne Abbas Singing (whole school choir), Radio Solent Project, Recorder Group, Chime Bar Group. Music express used in classroom.
St. Mary?s, Charminster 1 discrete music lesson a week. Designated music room. Songs & Praise & Round Singing in assembly (Mrs Joy).
Damers Music express used indirectly. Skills & knowledge of staff used to devise own schemes of work. E.g. Y1 ? Rhythm ? singing, dancing, games, T/work. Y2 ? All learning the recorder. Use of ?giant staves?.
Xylophone club, Super Singers, Songwriters club, Djembe club, Buskers club (open mic / talent show). Many during lesson time.
Prince of Wales First School Music lessons twice weekly. Plenty of singing in classes ? teachers very keen singers. ?Live Music Now? ? come in to perform to students. School Choir & Recorder Club. Use of ?Music Express? for classroom music.
St. Mary?s Catholic School, Dorchester Distinct music once a week. Music express is used.
Music also integrated into the wider curriculum where possible.
Hymn practice
St. Mary?s Got Talent
Christmas Concert / Play
Carol Service.
Puddletown First School 1 classroom lesson per week (1hr)
Covers the KS1 NC objectives through original & imaginative schemes of work.
Belle Plate club, Choir (Y3 & Y4), Whole School Singing (thurs am), Recorders.
Milbourne St Andrew First School Music Express.
Music assemblies ? use resources e.g. Junior Voiceworks.
Cerne Abbas First School Music express ? used for classroom music. Music is integrated across the curriculum. Music used as tool for behaviour managements (e.g. non-verbal signals). Films for learning ? with musical backing tracks. Artsmark Silver. 2 recorder groups. Gaudier Ensemble visit school for workshops. Children involved in production of Lady Godiva in local church
Adoption of ?Sing Up? and ?Wake and Shake?, with world music used. School Plays ? e.g. Magical Giant
Cheselbourne First School Uses music express as a foundation, but then tops up with own skills & knowledge.
Whole school choir. Recorder Club


Middle Schools

St Mary?s Puddletown Choir, Y8 Jazz Band, Harmony Grp, Strings, Brass Group, Orchestra, Samba Band.

Y7 Gamelan, Form & Structure, Pentatonic, Protest Song

Y8 Jingles, Song Writing, Bullying, Variation, Chords, Blues
Dorchester Middle School Y6 Songwriting (perform in Leavers Service). Y8 Dance Tracks (2 performed in break at leavers service). Use of ideas from musical futures, & integration of dance.

Y7 Form & Structure, Music of the British Isles, Musical Cycles (Gamelan/Samba)

Y8 Theme & Variations, Blues, Hooks & Riffs (Dance)

St Osmunds Middle Y7 Chord Sequences, Cycles, Protest Song, Christmas Carol

Y8 Christmas Carol, Murder




St Osmunds Scheme of Work

Upper School (Thomas Hardye School)

Year 9 ? Students are on rotation with Dance and Drama. They will do a maximum of three of the following projects:

1)      Rock n Roll ? Students learn about the origins, context, and features of Rock n Roll music. They are assessed through a class performance of a Rock n Roll medley.

2)      Rap and Hip ? Hop ? Students learn about the origins, context, and features of Rap and Hip-Hop music. They use computer software (Cubase Essentials 4) to create their own backing track, and create vocals to go over the top.

3)      Minimalism ? Students learn about the origins, context, and features of Minimalist Music. They take part in performance tasks, and use computer software (Cubase Essentials 4) to create their own Minimalist composition.

Years 10 & 11

We offer two courses for these years:

1)      Edexcel GCSE Music (click here: http://www.edexcel.com/quals/gcse/gcse09/music/Pages/default.aspx)

2)      BTEC First Certificate in Music (click here: http://www.edexcel.com/quals/firsts/pa-music/music/Pages/default.aspx)

6th Form

We offer 3 courses in the 6th form:

1)      Edexcel AS and A2 Music (For further information click here)

2)      Edexcel AS and A2 Music Technology (For further information click here)

3)      IB Music

Click here for more information on the IB Music Standard

or here for more information on the IB Music Higher


To Contact us:

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Phone: 01305 259721

Office Staff: Mary Miller & Kate Bone,

DASP Music Coordinator: James Baker,

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Contacts Pre-School