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Education Development Plan (EDP)

Priority 7: Improve Literacy and Numeracy

Improving standards in literacy and numeracy is a key priority for the LEA Educational Development Plan. The National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies are now well established and continue to be the main focus to raise standards in English and mathematics for all schools.

There has been significant improvement in attainment and progress of pupils in Literacy and Numeracy during 1999-2000 and the LEA is on course to achieve the EDP targets set. The implementation of the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies in Key Stage 3 to further raise standards remains a priority. Identified schools have been benefiting from support of the literacy and numeracy consultants in addition to receiving extra training.

Strategies to provide targeted support for pupils to achieve average standards in both literacy and numeracy are making an effective contribution to the improving picture. In primary schools, these include the creative use of ‘booster’ funding for Year 6 pupils and the programme of additional literacy support implemented by training learning support assistants for pupils in lower Key Stage 2. A comprehensive programme of summer schools is organised for pupils transferring to secondary education in English and mathematics, as well as a cross-directorate programme of support for Family Literacy.

Year Two Activities:

(a) Improve standards of literacy at Key Stages 1 and 2, including boys’ achievement and progress.

Person Responsible: Chris Donovan

(b) Improve standards of numeracy at Key Stages 1 and 2.

Person Responsible: Fran Ashworth

(c) Supporting literacy summer schools.

Person Responsible: Chris Donovan

(d) Supporting numeracy summer schools.

Person Responsible: Fran Ashworth

(e) Support family literacy.

Person Responsible: Chris Donovan

Priority 8: Develop strategies to enhance the community contribution to pupil achievement

The aim in this priority is to raise standards by involving pupils in community based activities. The focus is on improving attitudes and raising levels of motivation towards learning as a result of being involved, for example, in a home school reading project, as a representative on the school’s council or a community arts project.

In the first year of the EDP, documents were produced offering guidance on homework, study support and mentoring and arts’ residences were organised in pyramids across the county. Activities for this year, are directed towards raising awareness of citizenship in the curriculum as well as increasing opportunities for schools to be involved in arts’ projects supported by South West Arts. The development of guidance to parents giving examples of how they can support their children in learning is also a priority.

Year Two Activities:

(a) Provide guidance to parents in supporting their child’s learning in literacy, numeracy and ICT.

Person Responsible: Graham Langtree

(b) Develop opportunites for Citizenship.

Person Responsible: Mike Hillary

(c) Promote the arts’ and sports’ contribution to motivation and the achievement of excellence.

Persons Responsible: Stephen Bugg / Lyn Paine

(d) Support pupil and parent self-esteem.

Person Responsible: Mike Young